Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer’s BFF challenge gets comically awkward

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer know each other since 2000, as they claim. You may have never noticed that if you just saw them play a “BFF Showdown” game on The Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon tried to test them to see who knows the other more. That was meant as a game and it ended up a very awkward situation that gone even more wrong.

McCarthy asked a question: “Where did Octavia go to college?” First, she said that Spencer didn’t attend school, and then, she changed it to Ft. Lauderdale University. So, her bestie said she definitely did attend school. That also was a wrong answer.

Then, it became clearer that it’s all meant to be just for laughs when spencer did not know if McCarthy is married or not. “What do you mean? Ben!” McCarthy said. “She’s not my cousin.”

Fallon attempted to keep things fine but that went more wrong when McCarthy and Spencer declared to not be real friends, just “Hollywood friends.” “When the camera stops, we stop,” Spencer joked.