Bernie Sanders Opinion On The 3.5 Trillion Bill

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the US Senator belonging to the Democratic Party, gave a statement on the 3rd of October with regard to the infrastructure bill. It was stated that the total budget of the said bill, which is 3.5 trillion USD, will likely get lowered. This will be done in order to pass the bipartisan bill. The 80-year old senator, Bernie Sanders, stated that the lawmakers from both ends must compromise in order to pass it. 

Bernie Sanders’ Views

The progressives of the House clearly stated what they wanted when it came to pass the infrastructure bill. They stated that they would not be supporting the bill that was introduced by Joe Biden, the President of the country until they paid attention to the human infrastructure bill. It is to be noted that the human bill is bigger than the infrastructure one. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont-based senator, gave a statement on the subject. He claimed that both the bills were moving forward together. It is to be noted that the budget resolution involves so many things from child care, climate policy, and various other programs.

On the current status of both the bills, Bernie Sanders further stated that this was a challenge to the democratic nature of the country. He further added that this was like a test to check whether the system if democratic would work or not. He also expressed his faith in the current system and added that both the democratic organization as well as Joe Biden, the President, would be strong throughout the situation. The President got into a negotiation with the lawmakers. He also went to Capitol Hill on the 1st of October that fell on a Sunday. The visit was made in order to meet the Democrats of the House.