Best Marketing Advice For Every Excavation Contractor


Running an excavation company can be tricky. As a business owner, you are more likely to be focused on building your client base and the operational side of the business than marketing. In fact, most business owners in the construction, excavation and building industries simply do not know where to start with marketing.

We thought we would give you a helping hand with some practical marketing advice that you can start implementing today. We unpacked some of the ways other industries are marketing their businesses and services and building databases of valuable leads. So, let’s get stuck straight in.

Be Transparent With Your Customers

One of the biggest things that clients and customers look for when choosing a new service provider or contractor is whether they can trust you. Let’s face it, the construction and excavation industries are rife with fraudulent contractors and fly-by-night companies. So, it is your role to make sure that you convey your values to your clients.

It is worth your while to indicate to your clients that you are thoroughly covered by insurance. Not only does this cover you if something goes wrong, but they will also rest assured that they are not taking a risk doing business with you. It could be worth your while placing a banner on your site stating who you are covered by. Make sure that you also get all-inclusive policies to cover every aspect of your excavation business. You can look for providers that can help you get your insurance online today and start your policy tomorrow.

Clients will also look for information like previous projects, customer reviews and your ability to communicate with them. They will also look for vital company permits and qualifications to perform the duties. So, make sure that these appear on your site and on your social pages. Have a link to the digital copies of all of the documentation, and have the hard copies ready for clients.

Make Use of Social Platforms

Social media burst onto the scene over a decade ago, yet there are tons of industries and companies who are still unsure how to use it, or not utilizing it fully.

Social media platforms can be some of the most effective ways of reaching and tapping into new customers and audiences – you just need to know how to use them correctly. No longer are you simply looking to build up fans and follower numbers, you actually want qualified leads to be a part of this audience.

So, focus on the content that you are posting onto the platforms. After creating your profile, bursting with vital information about your company, plan out content for the next month. Create informative and educational posts about your industry and your company to post several times a week. Watch which posts are gaining traction and traffic and thereafter, put some money behind those posts. They will become sponsored adverts that will reach your particular audience, beyond just your following, which you have defined.

Build an Effective and Optimized Website

Websites have become the calling card and face of every business. Having a sleek, informative website will not only help you generate more leads, but will help convey key information to your client base.

It is important to focus on the content on your site. Make sure that each page has vital information about your services, your offerings, key information about your business and your portfolio of work. Make sure you also include the right keywords on your site for SEO purposes.

Essentially, Google will scrape your site to pick up where to categorize you in the search results and where to rank you compared to your competitors. You will want your relevant keywords to appear several times on each page, but be careful not to stuff it, as Google picks this up and penalizes you.

So, do some keyword research into relevant keywords. “Excavation services” and “excavation company” will most likely be some of the top results that pop up. Make sure you place them at the beginning of the text and in the meta description of your site.

Luckily, there are great tools and plug-ins that can help you out with SEO on your site. If you are using WordPress, for example, Yoast is a great tool that shows you exactly what you need to include and what you need to change to heighten your SEO.

Last Thoughts

Although traditional marketing still has a strong place in branding and marketing globally, digital marketing has been greatly accelerated over the last few years. Not only can it be more cost-effective, and provide more return on investment, it can be more effective, and easier to reach a larger part of your audience.