Jets Bow Out To Colts


Jets are in a spot of serious bother at the moment. They have been one of the most consistent teams in the past. The team has its origin from New York. They have won a number of accolades over their past outings. However, things look gloomy at the moment. Nothing seems to be going their way. The team is plagued by injuries and is also underperforming. 

The most recent example of their wayward display is the loss to Colts. Not only did the Jets lose, but they also lost their main player Mike White due to injury. This has been a real tough time for the team. However, they are not losing hope. The team management is very much optimistic about getting Mike White to play for their next game. Let us learn more about the incident in detail below. 

Jets Have A Tough Time With Loss & Mike White Injury

The Jets suffered a thrashing at the hands of the Colts. No one expected the game to turn out as one-sided as it did. The New York-based team lost 45-30. They also had their main quarterback, White out with injury. The QB suffered a niggle in his forearm within the first fifteen minutes of the game. The injury did not let him continue any further. The absence of White did have a huge impact on the game. It made things easy for the Colts as they rampaged the Jets with ease. 

The woes for the Jets did not end here. Marcus Maye also went out with an injury against the Indianapolis Colts. Maye’s injury looks much more serious than White’s. He is speculated to have a torn Achilles Tendon. This would mean the end of the season for Marcus. Robert Saleh is the coach of the NY Jets. He expressed his concerns for the welfare of Marcus. Marcus himself has asked fans to pray for his quick recovery.