Xavi Unhappy With Barcelona


Xavi has expressed his concerns with the current Barcelona squad. The midfielder was one of the greatest players of his time. He played in the golden era of Barcelona. He had a lot of memorable moments with his club. However, the same cannot be said about his coaching. He has had a tough time taking up the responsibility of Barca. 

Barcelona had been plagued by a number of problems. They have a huge gap to fill after the departure of Lionel Messi. Messi had been a rock for the team for the past decade. He held the team together for a long time. Unfortunately, he had to bid adieu to his childhood club. This started the problems of Barcelona. 

The team did not perform well right from the start. Barcelona looked clueless in their matches. The chemistry between the players seemed to be missing. This resulted in the side incurring several humiliating losses. 

Barcelona is currently languishing in the middle of the La Liga table. They do not have any chance of winning the league. Barca also had a change of managers recently. Xavi was asked to take up the mantle. However, he started with a humiliating defeat in the Champions League. The Catalans lost 3-0 to Bayern Munich. All these results have angered Hernandez significantly. 

Xavi Furious With Players 

Xavi has expressed his frustration with the current Barcelona squad. He stated that the team was very tough to train. Hernandez also complained that the players could not understand his ways. He elaborated that athletes found it difficult to adapt to his genre of football. 

Xavi is, however, optimistic about the team. He has stated that the training was going well. He hopes for a turnaround in the fortunes soon.