Biden Campaign’s Appeal to Haley Supporters in New Digital Ad

Joe Biden

Fresh from a highly successful fundraiser, the Biden campaign has launched a compelling digital advertisement aimed directly at voters who previously supported former GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley. This strategic move targets a diverse coalition of Republicans and moderates who turned away from Donald Trump and whom the Biden team hopes to woo as the general election gains momentum.

The ad showcases snippets of Trump’s disparaging remarks about Haley, labeling her as a “birdbrain” and “not presidential timber.” It also includes a clip of Trump expressing uncertainty about the necessity of courting Haley’s supporters for his coalition.

Accompanied by text urging Haley supporters to reconsider their allegiance, the ad concludes with a powerful message: “Save America. Join us.”

Biden Campaign’s Plans

The Biden campaign plans to allocate its digital ad expenditure to battleground states, specifically focusing on suburban areas where Haley garnered significant support. This calculated approach leverages recent Republican primary outcomes to pinpoint ideal ad placements. The ad campaign, which prioritizes video content, is slated to run for three weeks across various digital platforms, including Meta, YouTube, connected TV, and online video channels.

In a bid to further solidify support from Haley’s camp, the Biden campaign has engaged in discussions with Haley supporters and donors following her withdrawal from the race. Notable figures within the campaign, such as co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg and finance chair Rufus Gifford, have initiated dialogues with members of Haley’s donor network. Additionally, there are considerations for hosting future fundraisers targeting former Haley supporters.

President Biden himself has extended a welcoming hand to Haley supporters, acknowledging their courage in standing up against Trump’s influence within the Republican Party. Biden’s statement emphasizes shared values with Haley, particularly concerning democracy, NATO, and the rule of law, signaling a concerted effort to bridge ideological divides and unite behind common principles.