Netflix is Streaming Now ‘Code 8’


Indiegogo-funded movie Code 8 is now streaming on Netflix. Stephen and Robbie Amell have produced this fictional movie. Jeff Chan is the director. They released this movie digitally and in some limited theatres. 

The plot of this movie is interesting. The film shows a world where some people have supernatural abilities. They are born with it. A total of 4% of the entire population holds supernatural powers. The main character is a man with extraordinary capabilities who commits a series of crimes. He then fights with the police force. 

With the ongoing worldwide quarantine for the COVID-19 crisis, people find the movie quite interesting to watch. And Stephen Amell has made it a little easier, tweeting about the news of Netflix streaming on 11th April. “Tomorrow is gonna be really cool. #code8,” Robbie said on Twitter the day before.

You can have a look and also buy Code 8 on iTunes. Amazon video prime is also streaming Code 8. 

Robbie also has a new show coming out 1st May on Amazon Prime Video called Upload, a fictional movie. people nearing death can be ‘uploaded’ on a virtual afterlife in this movie.