Biden Promises To Cover Entire Reparations For New Mexico Wildfires 

New Mexico

President Joe Biden, addressing Santa Fe amid outrage from survivors over the blaze caused by federal officials, said the US government will fully fund the New Mexico wildfires response.

“We have a responsibility to assist the state recover,” Biden said at an afternoon briefing in Albuquerque, where he was evaluating efforts to put out the state’s largest fire in recorded history. He further stated that his government will cover the entire fee.

The fire has charred over 300,000 acres and is the biggest wildfire in the state’s history. Furthermore, the Black Hearth of New Mexico is still burning and it is the state’s second-biggest fire in history, having burned more than 298,000 acres. This means that the two largest New Mexico wildfires have occurred this record-breaking year of wildfires continue to burn.

The Calf Canyon New Mexico wildfire, which continue to burn for almost a month and a half, was started by a leftover hearth from January, according to Forest Service investigators. Calf Canyon Hearth eventually merged with Hermits Peak Hearth. Prescribed burns resulting in spot fires caused the New Mexico wildfire in Hermits Peak.

Biden Under Pressure To Take Action With Regard To The New Mexico Wildfires 

On Saturday, Biden emphasized that the US Forest Service had stopped every prescribed burn. He said that 99.8% of the time, they give the predicted results. However, this time, regrettably, it didn’t. As such, The Forest Service has decided to conduct a public review over 90 days.

According to the Forest Service, occasionally prescribed fires help manage vegetation, decrease hazardous materials in residential areas, reduce pests spread and illnesses, enrich habitat for endangered and rare species, as well as recycle vitamins. They’re also important tools for decreasing the possibility of large wildfires later on.