Infrastructure Bill Deadline Extended

Infrastructure bill
Infrastructure bill

The deadline for the infrastructure bill got postponed. It was done by Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the White House. This incident took place following the unending negotiations with regard to the said bill carried out by the lawmakers. With that, the policy of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, covers both environmental as well as social aspects.

Infrastructure Bill Disagreements

The White House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, wrote a letter to the members of the Democratic Party of the House. The letter was written in order to let them know about the exact date of the deadline of the infrastructure bill that was given by the 81-year-old speaker. It was stated that the lawmakers were supposed to pass the said bill until the 31st of October that falls on a Sunday.

The total amount of the infrastructure bill is stated to be 1 trillion USD. It passed the US Senate in the month of August. The progressive politicians from the Democratic Party did not support the infrastructure bill. They refrained from voting. And this took place despite the fact that they were pressured by the Democratic moderates.

In the letter that was by Nancy Pelosi, it was also stated that a little more time was required in order to pass both the bills. However, she confirmed the fact that both the bills would get past. The progressive Democrats and President Joe Biden have reached an agreement to create a plan, the total amount of which is 3.5 trillion USD. However, the centrist Democrats are not happy about this. They are extremely unhappy about the amount and have indicated their refusal of it. Joe Manchin, one of the centrists, proposed a plan, the amount of which being 1.5 trillion USD.