The Bidens Unveil Their 1st White House Decorations: Official Residence To Be Bedecked With ‘Gifts From The Heart’

White House Decorations

For Christmas White House decorations this year, the first lady has chosen ‘Gifts From The Heart’ as the theme, filling rooms with peace doves and shooting stars. It depicts a simple, warm vibe

As is customary each year, the First Lady unveiled the official White House decorations. First Lady Jill Biden did the honor by revealing the theme and decor for 2021 that she titled ‘Gifts From The Heart.’

This year’s sentiment is to focus on things that unite us and heal and manage to bring us together. Through the White House decorations, the First Lady wants to honor those who persevered through a difficult period caused by the pandemic.

In a joint press statement, Joe and Jill Biden said that even as the nation celebrates our holiday season, we are inspired by the fellow citizens who remind us time and again that our differences are precious and our similarities infinite. They said that we are united by the things we consider sacred. it transcends time distance and the bindings of an epidemic.

We remain tied together by the gifts of family faith and friendship, our love for learning, nature, arts, bind us forever together. They constitute the gifts from our heart, they said.

The White House Decorations Epitomizes The Values We Hold Dear To Us

The White House decoration epitomizes this theme in some way through each room. The Library Room reflects the gift for learning and is ornamented with butterflies. The State Dining Room is adorned with framed pictures of former first families. Two stockings hang above the mantel for each of the Biden grandchildren.

The First Lady spent the last few days selecting pictures to display for the White House decoration.

The official Christmas tree is placed in the Blue Room, representing the ‘Gift of Peace and Unity.’ It is ornamented with numerous peace doves holding banners with the name of each state and US territory.

The gingerbread White House this year was a tribute to frontline workers who slogged on throughout the pandemic. Over 100 volunteers helped with the decorations. The White House, unfortunately, will remain closed due to the pandemic.