As The Strike Continues, Fran Drescher Was Comfortably Re-Elected As President Of SAG-AFTRA

Fran Drescher

The nanny’s position is secure. On September 8, Fran Drescher was chosen to serve another two years as president of SAG-AFTRA. In the vote, which was held amid the union’s strike in opposition to Hollywood studios, the comedian and actress won 23,090 votes, defeating actress and author Maya Gilbert-Dunbar’s 5,276. The production of the majority of movies and TV series in the nation was halted on 13th July when SAG-AFTRA and the WGA went on strike together.

Only 28,330 of the 124,477 ballots sent to voters were returned, which means that fewer than 23% of the union’s members participated in the election. “As a single-member organization, we will endure the storms, uphold our values, and ensure that our important contributions to the cooperative creative form are never again minimized but rather elevated. These are dynamic times.”

Fran Drescher Pledges To Battle Against Prejudice And Marginalization

The native of Queens, who rose to fame in the 1990s comedy “The Nanny” as its title character, also spoke about promoting equality at the labor union, which speaks for 160K media executives worldwide. Fran Drescher said, “I battle against such marginalization and prejudice inside the union, from employers, and the general public because I want all of our members to be equal in every manner. Together, we would see partisanship disappear as an upcoming culture of tolerance, respect, and understanding is established.

The Vice President will be former SAG-AFTRA secretary-treasurer Joely Fisher. The actress, whose parents are the musician Eddie and the ex-SAG treasurer-secretary Connie Stevens, voiced her intention to arrange a fairer deal for members. “In these trying times, artists continue to do what they have done best: collaborate for a shared objective,” she added.