Bill Burr: Latest Entry On The Mandalorian

Bill Burr
Bill Burr

Thursday brought some news of Star Wars but Friday belonged to Grogu and Din Djarin. Rick Famuyiwa directed and wrote an episode that serves as the epic finale. What this Mansalorian episode does is letting Bill Burr become Bill Burr. Migs Mayfeld appears as the Imperial sharpshooter. Mayfeld’s character was one-dimensional in the episode. In Chapter 15, Mayfeld’s character gained some depth while behaving like Bill Burr. Political philosophy is the core of the story of Star Wars. This episode is like the sequence of Canto Bright. Finally, this episode deserves the finale.

Bill Burr Is Mayfeld

While the politics of Star Wars are murky, there is a line between wrong and right in their universe. When Mayfeld was first introduced, he seemed an angry man with no loyalty towards the people he has served. In that episode, he seemed like a villain who received what Meyfeld deserved. In The Believer, we get to look at many layers of his character and ultimately discover another person who got damaged due to war.

The plan includes breaking into the imperial facility and so Bill Burr using his imperial codes can find out the whereabouts of Gideon’s cruiser. It is a heist job. This episode is filled with some fantastic action sequences. The episode appeared to have drawn some inspiration from Bill Burr for Mayfeld. Because it is a Star Wars movie, Mayfeld was confronted with an actual evil where he had to pick sides. Chapter 15 being 30 minutes long can be termed as an epic action movie.

However, these are only the first few steps of The Mandalorian’s entry into a much larger world. On the Investor Day Of DISNEY, Kathleen Kennedy remarked that Season 3 is filming and under pre-production. The storylines of Ahsoka and The Rangers will converge into an event series. It is going to be a long wait.