Bill Gates To Part Ways With Wife Melinda After 27 Years

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Bill Gates and Melinda recently announced the divorce that came at the end of a marriage that lasted 27 years. Their statement said that the couple no longer believes that they can keep growing alongside each other.

The End Of A Long Road For Bill Gates

The pair took to Twitter to place the statement. It continued that the decision was arrived at after a lot of thought along with a great amount of work put into their relationship. However, it was time for the marriage to come to an end.

Bill Gates had met Melinda for the first time in the 80s when she had joined his firm called Microsoft. The billionaire pair has three children while being the joint caretakers of the Foundation named after the two.

The organization is known for spending billions to fight for causes that include infectious diseases as well as ensuring vaccinations for children. The Gates, and Warren Buffet the investor, also have a hand in the Giving Pledge. This is a call for billionaires to promise to donate most of their fortune to help good causes.

65-year-old Bill Gates currently ranks the fourth in the list of wealthiest persons across the world, as per Forbes. He has a worth of approximately $124B. Most of Bill Gates’ money was made through Microsoft. He co-founded it back in the 70s and it is currently the largest software company in the world.

Their Twitter divorce statement expressed gratitude for all that they have been able to achieve in charities for the past 27 years. As such, their belief in the mission remains unshaken. However, they can no longer see themselves growing if they remain married for their lives’ next phase.

Jennifer Gates, their daughter who is now 25, took to Instagram to say that it has been a difficult period for the entire family and that she is still in the process of getting to grips with her emotions.