Bill Maher Believes Biden Lacks Intense Defenders

bill maher
bill maher

Bill Maher, the host of HBO, has stated that the current President lacks the get-up and go and passionate defenders which could be a reason for his low approval ratings. Maher made these comments on his Primetime show “Real Time With Bill Maher”, on Friday, where he also argued that while Biden was going through some major low approval ratings, he was also not being credited fairly for the present economic conditions in the country. 

Bill Maher Takes on Biden’s Low Approval Ratings

Bill Maher said that the hard fact was that even when Joe Biden did something good, he would be getting no credit. The current American economy was actually on a major road to rejuvenation, considering what they have all been through. The wages for the people are up, workers seem to be getting more and more leverage, and they have also successfully avoided a recessing. The stocks have also been at their best since 1995. 

Bill Maher, who has also been known for his controversial opinions on political issues, recently noted that a CBS News poll showed that 38% of the American population approved of the way the POTUS handled the economy. He stated that this is exactly what happens when one lacks passionate defenders. As opposed to the previous President, who had such a strong following behind him, that even his mistakes made him smell like roses when he came out. 

Bill Maher has also claimed that to a large swathe of the American population, it is being understood that Biden has lost the enthusiasm to get things done- simply because the Democrats haven’t been the powerhouse that they should have ideally been in Congress. Maher concluded his take by stating that when Biden first came to office- no one really wanted him as their first choice- but he got the job done. And the population needs to give the man a little credit for that.