Alexander Zverev Outlasted By Stefanos Tsitsipas In A Total Of Five Sets!


By Outlasting Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas has already reached the first final of a Grand Slam in his career. Tsitsipas gave away his lead of two sets in the semifinal of the French Open. He managed to double-fault thereby trailing by a margin of love-40 inside the 5th opening game. If he keeps this bad performance up, his match on Friday will be a disaster. Tsitsipas won 5 consecutive points. He even managed to score with a cross-court shot using his forehand. He celebrated this point by shaking the racket while the crowd shouted his name from the stands. This was a vital turning point for Tsitsipas to enter his 1st final in the Grand Slam. 

A Lot Of Mistakes From Alexander Zverev Led To His Downfall!

Tsitsipas managed to win against Alexander by producing a very late surge. The scoreline of his match against Zverev stood at 6-3, 4-6, 4-6, 6-3, and 6-3. Tsitsipas, who holds the No. 5 seed, said after the match that he is someone who is always looking to fight and never give up. He admitted that he did some things right which worked in his favor against Alexander Zverev. He entered the major semifinals with 0-3. He said that his match against Alexander Zverev felt like fresh air to his nose which revitalized him. 

However, Alexander Zverev also faulted many times which gave a 3-1 lead to Tsitsipas. He missed with his backhand, his forehand, and also with his other backhand in the same match. Tsitsipas managed to raise his fist while Zverev was left wincing. This was the biggest and most popular victory in the career of Tsitsipas. The Greece player of 22 years of age said that the match was filled with different phases and emotions. He felt that the match was tremendously exhausting for him. 

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