‘Yesterday’ Sued By Ana de Armas Fans


A couple of film viewers have quite a bone to pick with Yesterday- the 2019 movie of Danny Boyle, and now they are taking it to court. According to the report published by Deadline, Peter Michaell Rosza, and Conor Woulfe, both chose to rent the film- which has a bizarre universe in which only a single musician is aware of the existence of The Beatles- because the trailer featured the star of Knives Out, Ana de Armas

Yesterday Has Been Charged With A Lawsuit

While de Armas in the trailer of Yesterday is seen in a scene featuring the character of Jack on The Late Late Show With James Corden, she is ultimately cut from the movie. The screenwriter of the movie, Richard Curtis, told Deadline that it was simply due to the test audiences not liking her character being the other love interest for Jack since they wanted to end up with Ellie, the character played Lily James.

The lawsuit from the moviegoers has been set up against the distributor of the film Universal, as Rosza and Woulfe have argued that the advertising of the film was misleading, false, and deceptive- due de Armas not making in the final cut of Yesterday. They also went on the claim that Lile James and Patel were definitely not big enough stars that would be able to bring in an audience for this movie- ergo the reliance on using de Armas and her fame in their advertising.

While this lawsuit could definitely be unusual, this isn’t the first time that a major movie like Yesterday has used footage of a simple trailer that was then left on the floor of the cutting room. As for fans of Ana de Armas, maybe Yesterday did turn out to be quite different from what they expected, she will be seen along with Ben Affleck, Deep Water.