Billie Eilish Appeals For Protection Against Burglar: Restraint Request After Multiple Break-Ins

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has asked a judge for a temporary restraint order against an individual who has broken into her parents’ home multiple times. The 21-year-old Bad Guy singer said that the series of incidents has caused fear, emotional distress, and substantial anxiety over the safety of herself and her family.

Earlier this month, Los Angeles Police Department personnel swarmed the childhood home of the singer. This was after Christopher Anderson, 39, made multiple attempts to forcibly enter her home. Anderson was taken into custody but no injuries were reported.

The singer has said that Anderson entered her home by jumping over the fence. He professed his affection for her and said that he desperately wanted to meet her. He allegedly turned up at the property uninvited and unannounced several times in December and January. This was revealed in documents that were obtained by news agencies.

Billie Eilish Expressed Apprehension Of Violence

The LAPD informed Billie Eilish that Anderson managed to gain entry into her family home in January. She said that she watched images of the individual and confirmed that she had no clue about his identity. She said she never communicated with him or had any prior relationship with him.

Billie Eilish said that the police had to be called to her family residence on 5 different occasions before the present incident. Eilish added that there had been other attempts by individuals to contact her or her family through stalking outside her home or by expression of love, even violent threats.

She said that on every occasion, the incidents had caused her family including her parents and brother, intense emotional distress. Billie Eilish said she was worried that someday one of these individuals would indulge in some act of violence or something equally distressing against her or members of her family.

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