Gavin Newsom Announces New Indoor Mask Rules For Vaccinated Californians

Gavin Newsom
gavin newsom

On Monday, Gavin Newsom announced that people who have been fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask in most indoor places. This news comes in the wake of the reduction in the omicron surge.

Gavin Newsom Announced That Unvaccinated Individuals Will Have To Wear Masks Indoors

People who have not been fully vaccinated yet will still have to follow the indoor mask mandate, announced Gavin Newsom. Some counties and cities will retain the mandate.

The staff and students in K-12 schools will be required to keep wearing their masks indoors even after February 15 when the present guideline expires.

The officials involved in the health department stated that they are collaborating with the community, education, and public health leaders to update the mandate following the latest status of the virus and keep the students and staff safe.

Other settings like public transportation will still require people to wear masks.

Coronavirus cases have seen a drastic reduction in numbers since January. In the guidelines released on Monday, the Public Health Department of California observed that even though the hospitals are filled, the sudden skyrocketing of hospitalizations during the infectious omicron wave has seen a great decline. 

The Department also credited the citizens of California as becoming increasingly aware of how to protect themselves and their beloved ones from the virus. Hence, the need for the mask mandate to expire on February 15 is deemed appropriate.

In June 2021, the mask mandate had been lifted by Gavin Newsom. However, it was issued again on December 15 after the omicron variant made its presence felt. It was extended in January and now the mandate is set to be lifted on February 15.

On Monday morning, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Delaware informed the public about their decision to remove the mask requirements for the teachers, staff, and students in schools.