Jimmy Garoppolo Put Off For Two Games For Violating NFL Drug  Policy

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo, the LA Raiders backup QB was suspended from the National Football League for 2 games of the coming season. He has been punished for violating the drug rules of the Players’ Association and the league.

Jimmy Garoppolo was hit with a 2-game for violation of PED policy. He has been punished for violating the performance-enhancing policy. The LA Raiders are likely to release Jimmy Garoppolo even before the $11.25 million roster bonus becomes due.

The QB is reported to have used medication without first obtaining a valid exemption for its therapeutic use from the League. It appears that Garoppolo will no longer be associated with the club in the next season. Interim coach Pierce had then brought in Aidan O’Connell in Garoppolo’s place for the remaining season.

The interim coach took over the full-time job in January. The LA Raiders have also brought in Tom Telesco as the general manager of the team.

Jimmy Garoppolo Promised To Make The Best Of The Present Situation

Jimmy Garoppolo came in last off-season and signed a 3-year contract with the team. The contract was worth $72.75 million at a time when GM Dave Ziegler and coach Josh McDaniels were at the helm. Garoppolo was a QB with the 49ers made an appearance at the Super Bowl and was twice in the title game of the NFC.

But his performance this season has been well short of the mark. He threw just 7 TD passes and 9 interceptions and had a 77.6 QB rating. This opened a path for Connell to replace him.

Jimmy Garoppolo commented following a disappointing season that he hoped to play again somewhere. He said that he has to ride out the present turmoil and that the events that have taken place in recent weeks have happened for a purpose. He said that he would try to improve the present situation.