Arizona Coyotes To Have ASU As Their Grounds For Next Season

Arizona Coyotes

The 2023-2023 NHL season’s home matches will be played out at the Arizona State University’s Mullett Arena for the Arizona Coyotes. The news comes despite the plans for a new separate arena facing a roadblock.

Arizona Coyotes Will Not Have A New Stadium

On May 16th, voters rejected the plan of the Arizona Coyotes to construct a new stadium at Tempe. It would have been one component of a new entertainment district that would cost $2.1Bn. As such, the franchise’s future has now plunged into uncertainty.

Rumors immediately began to float in the NHL about the Arizona Coyotes looking to relocate to better markets like Kansas City, Quebec City, Salt Lake City, or Houston as soon as the beginning of next season. However, on May 17th, while speaking to ESPN, Xavier A. Gutierrez, the CEO and president of the Arizona Coyotes, confirmed that the NHL season of 2023-2024 will be played out at ASU.

Bill Daly, the deputy commissioner, gave his assent to that statement. He replied to an email where he was questioned about the possibility of the Coyotes playing the upcoming season at the Mullett Arena only because they were giving the market that would come next some more time to prepare if the franchise decides to relocate. Daly said that he does not see any scenarios where the team will be playing anywhere other than ASU’s Mullett Arena in the upcoming season.

A different source for the NHL provided confirmation regarding the Coyotes’ present line of thought. This is to play for at least one more year at the ASU grounds unless an “unexpected” event takes place during the offseason. The planned arenas would have had a capacity of 16,000 as well as a district for entertainment on land owned by the city at Priest Drive and Rio Salado Parkway.

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