Bipartisan Bill Passed Quickly To Ensure Safety Of SCJs


Several members of the US Senate quickly passed a bipartisan bill on Monday that would help increase the security protection to the immediate family of the SCJs, which would follow the recent protests taking place at the residences of a few Justices. The Supreme Court Police Parity Act was first approved by unanimous consent- which meant that none of the senators actually objected to it being given a quick passage.

The legislation must have also traversed through the House before it went back to the desk of President Biden for his signature. The push inside Congress does come a week after the leaked draft of the Politico’s bombshell of an opinion- which indicated that the Court was almost on the verge of overturning Roe v Wade as soon as June. 

Bipartisan Bill To Be Referred To As The Supreme Court Police Parity Act

One of the Republican spearheads from Texas, Senator John Cornyn, along with a Democrat from Delaware, Senator Chris Coons, were the ones to introduce the bipartisan bill which was named the Supreme Court Police Parity Act. In a news release, Cornyn had mentioned that the events of the last week had already intensified the focus on the SCJs and their families, who had been facing multiple threats to their safety in the increasingly polarizing political climate that the United States was currently going through. 

Senator Coons, another advocate for the bipartisan bill, also stated that if the families of the SCJs had the same exposure and profile as the highest running official in the government, they should also deserve the same level of protection that would safeguard their life. As it stands, the government and the security forces should definitely take the multiple threats on their lives that come from extremes on both sides of the political spectrum against the SCJs seriously- something that does make the bill quite a necessity. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went on to slam the multiple protests that were taking place outside the residences of the SCJs, stating that this was flat-out illegal. While one could not determine the veracity behind the protests, and how far things could change, the bipartisan bill would definitely serve to keep the SCJs and their families safe.