US Border Policy Termed Inhumane And Illegal By Outgoing Official

harold koh
harold koh

Harold Koh, one of the top legal advisors for the State Department, who is soon going to leave his post claimed that the US Border Policy regarding Haitians has been inhumane and illegal. He informed his colleagues about Haitian deportation from the Mexico-US border by Biden’s administration during the weekend.

A Serious Allegation Against The US Border Policy

Koh said that the Biden administration was using Title 42, a law regarding public health, as part of the US Border Policy to kick out migrants who were caught at the national border. Title 42 was formerly used by President Trump citing the pandemic.

Koh said that he believed the current way of the US Border Policy is violating the legal obligation of the nation to at least not return or expel individuals fearing torture, persecution, or death, which is the case for Haitian immigrants. Harold had communicated his thoughts via a memo.

A different official from the State Department confirmed the memo’s contents. Koh will step down from the current role that he had since Joe Biden became the President. He had planned for a long time to exit in October. He will continue to work as a State contractor, the other official explained.

A senior official of the State explained that Title 42 concerns public health and that it is has nothing to do with the US Border Policy. The authority of enforcing it is with the Center for Disease Control. He explained that the CDC considers Title 42 to be necessary since immigrants increase transmission risks in settings where there is a congregation of people such as Border Patrol Stations.

In the previous month, one other diplomat from the US had blasted the present US Border Policy in a similar manner just before he resigned.

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