Brett Favre Could Be Losing On $24 Million In State-Filed Lawsuit

brett favre
brett favre

The Department of Human Services in Mississippi has sued close to 38 people or companies, which also includes Brett Favre, for squandering the money for welfare. Interestingly, this money was set aside to address the condition of poverty in the most impoverished state in the country.

The long-awaited civil lawsuit, which does have the intention of clawing back close to $24 million in federal funds that were misused in several official scandals, did start unraveling quite a few years ago. This lawsuit will be targeting several celebrities like Brett Favre, Ted DiBiase Sr, and Marcus Dupree among others. 

Brett Favre And Other Celebrities Have Been Embroiled in A Lawsuit

The lawsuit has also highlighted the disregard that has been shown from contractors and officials for either effective public spending or for the people to actually start assisting- with several actions from celebrities like Brett Favre indicating that the state government has a pretty cynical approach to most of the anti-poverty programs.

Brad Pigott, the attorney behind the lawsuit, stated that he absolutely didn’t understand these people. In his email, he mentioned his surprise at these kinds of people who would be deciding that the money the law required to be pushed for helping the most impoverished state would rather be spent on their own families, and their own little projects. 

Interestingly, a couple of entities who did receive the welfare funds that had also embroiled Brett Favre and other celebrities through activities that were referenced in their recent criminal pleas did not appear as defendants in the filing on the 9th of May. Nancy New and her son Zach New- who also run a Nonprofit- recently pleaded guilty in April for several accounts of bribery and fraud which were related to how they moved the public funding for their nonprofit. 

The Department of Human Services of the state has been asking the court for a sum of $23.3 million from Davis, and around $19.4 million from Nancy. It needs to be seen how far would Brett Favre and his associates be fined.

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