Supreme Court Security-Enhanced

Supreme Court Security

Supreme Court Security has been enhanced for the judges recently. The decision was passed in the Senate by unanimous voting. Most of the lawmakers agreed that the security for the judges must be tightened further owing to recent agitations. Reports have been coming in from all over the place that judges are facing protests. They are reportedly harassed by locals.

This is happening predominantly due to a recent leak of the court orders regarding the Roe v Wade case. America is currently going through one of the biggest political controversies of the country. Debates are raging over the fact that whether the right to abortion should be made legal or not. Amidst all these, Politico has released a copy of their probable order that hints at overturning the Roe v Wade case.

This has led to the rise of a series of agitation in the country. People think that the choice of motherhood must be one’s own independent decision. However, the situation seems to have affected Supreme Court Security drastically. Strict measures are being taken to provide all the necessary protocols to ensure maximum safety. 

Supreme Court Security Prioritized By Senate 

The Supreme Court Security has been prioritized by the Senate recently. John Cornyn is a member of the Senate.

He has accused the Leftists to be responsible for the agitations. Cornyn said that he believes attacking the judges was a planned effort from the Radical Left to influence the decision of the Supreme Court. 

However, amidst the chaos of Supreme Court Security, the judges have stated that the leaked decision is not the final decision on the case. Further hearings might tweak the outcome of the ultimate verdict.