Joe Biden’s Birthday Celebrated By First Lady

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

President Joe Biden turned 80 this year, and Jill Biden, the first lady threw a brunch to celebrate his 80. The same Biden’s granddaughter’s wedding took place at the white house. The first lady tweeted a photo of him, blowing out candles on top of a coconut cake, with balloons in the background.

Joe Biden Might Run For Reelection

There is a higher possibility for Joe Biden, to run for president again. He made this his intention, he has not made any formal comment after this. He is 80 now, and at the end of his second innings of presidentship, he will be 86. Running for president again is a huge decision, which he is yet to make, and he will discuss this with family and close ones before making any public comment. There is not much support from them, as some feel he is going to be ‘too old.’

However, President himself never feels age is an issue. People close to Joe Biden are concerned about his health and mental acuity. And if people are concerned about his age, then they must look at how many things he has accomplished since the presidency. Joe Bide lifted the burden of the student loan repaying scheme, even during the inflation. Where republicans brought quite a lawsuit against him, and the judges ended up supporting Biden.

Age becoming the center of an issue for some, but definitely not for Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi, 82 years old stepping down as House speaker.

If Biden stays with the presidency another year, at the end of his second term he would be 86, the president of the white house compared to others. Ronald Reagan ruled for two terms and retired at 77, whereas, Donald Trump served one term and retired at 72.

With so many pros and cons spiraling, president Joe Biden is yet to make a decision.