Scientists Have ‘Woken Up’ Microbes Trapped Under The Seafloor For 100 Million Years

Microbes Trapped
Microbes Trapped

A team of scientists from Japan and America successfully carried out a research which shows that microscopic life can survive, although in a dormant state, even in less-than hospitable environments.

 The team has effectively revived tiny microbes which were trapped in a dormant state. The microscopic elements found were lying in the almost lifeless zone of the Pacific Ocean seabed for over 100 million years.

The leader of the research team, Microbiologist Yuki Morono from Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Technology mentions, “We wanted to know how long the microbes could sustain their life in a near-absence of food.”

The research team found their answer. They could revive the microbes with food and oxygen which is an impressive discovery.

The researchers further mention, “We knew that there was life in deep sediment near the continents where there’s a lot of buried organic matter. But what we found was that life extends in the deep ocean from the seafloor all the way to the underlying rocky basement.”

The research has made it clear there are no limits to life, says a fellow scientist.