Black Music Appreciation Month Flagged Off By President Biden

Black Music Appreciation
Black Music Appreciation

Hip Hop received praise from President Joe Biden in honor of Black Music Appreciation Month, which is celebrated in June. Biden included Hip Hop in a proclamation about Black Music Appreciation Month, which takes place in June. President Biden mentioned rap as an example of Black music that’s left an indelible mark on America. 

He also mentioned that music has a deep and powerful influence on the consciousness of every American citizen. Moreover, Black music has a more profound impact which deserves the entire month of June dedicated to celebrating Black Music Appreciation Month. 

Proclamation Of Black Music Appreciation Month 

President Biden further adds that Black music is inextricably associated with the ethos of the United States of America. Such music has for decades enriched the people and bourgeoned creativity. He enumerated genres to be celebrated throughout this Black Music Appreciation Month which includes jazz, blues, rap, gospel country, and many more. 

Biden also asked Americans to honor Black musicians during Black Music Appreciation Month. He also commended artists who used their music to fight injustice and demand equality. They used the songs to show the reality of the society they inhabited. 

Month To Pay Back 

Jimmy Carter, former President first started celebrating this month in 1979. Carter’s celebration as well as his museum notes are commemorated every year through the presidential proclamation. 

President Carter had celebrated Black musicians in 1979 at the White House. The celebration witnessed performances by Billy Eckstine, Chuck Berry, and several others. Black Music Appreciation Month is not only political but now a cultural celebration that encapsulates the entire nation of the US. “My President” is a song by Young Jeezy that is symbolic and was played during the election of Barack Obama, former US President, who was the first black President.