Blake Lively May Not Be The First Yet Best Choice For Hoover

blake lively

Many have questioned Colleen Hoover for choosing characters to play the role she has created with such age differences. According to the book, the female protagonist Lily, a recent college graduate, falls in love with another graduate. Recent college graduates will be 23 or 24 years at maximum. Blake Lively is 35, and Justin Baldoni is 30 years or older.

Which raised lots of questions when it comes to casting. Both the actors are way ahead of their age. Colleen Hoover has asked the fans to be patient until the movie It Ends With Us hits the theatre.

Why Was There So Much Tension Surrounding Blake Lively?

Just because she is older than the character made the fans go wild. They weren’t happy. Colleen Hoover and the director made two grown-ups fall in love with each other. They are already into the five months of casting. 

Blake Lively has won the heart of Colleen Hoover. And Colleen has been obsessed with Blake Lively. She is a bundle of positivity. And fans have another level of love for her. How she and Ryan Reynolds roast each other on Twitter and Instagram is worth more than movies.

Fans asked Colleen Hoover why did she choose them with such age discrepancies. Yet, she is confident if anyone could make this movie successful and give her characters life, it’s only possible for Blake Lively. She added that she is not emotional yet cried on set after watching the footage. They have worked so far. It brought her to tears. Being an emotional writer, she had never cried before. After she has witnessed has raised the bar of her expectation. And she is confident that Blake Lively will make the fans so happy.