Blake Lively Signed Up For Something Chilling

Blake Lively

Director Paul Feig has come back to the directorial position and already started cooking up with Blake Lively. They are going to start the production of a sequel to A Simple Favor the thriller from 2018, this fall in Capri, Italy. Not Blake Lively but also pitch-perfect Anna Kendrick. The two most loved and talented actresses will be working together, which excites the fan the most.

A New Twisted Game Is Played By Blake Lively

In 2018 the twisted game was played by Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, in A Simple Favor. Which made more than $97 million on a domestic level and with a $20 million budget. A Simple Favor adapted from Darcey Bell with the same name. The movie held a different place in everyone’s heart, and Blake Lively proved again what kind of an actress she is. She nailed every time when things got out of hand in the story.

And clearly Lively and Anna Kendrick are the best duos to portray the sequel. The name is yet not been disclosed. This time the characters would be the savviest and sassy. Their boss moves will surface more. Stephaine’s character is played by Anna Kendrick, and so far she has read the script and she is loved it. Though her character got an attitude this season, still she won’t be able to unshed who she is deep down, would she?

Lively is yet to make a comment on her part about the sequel, and her new project is about to start Colleen Hoover’s novel It Ends With Us. Blake Lively came live on Instagram showing off her new hair color, fans anticipating it might be for the new role.