Blink-182 Reuniting Soon


Blink-182 was formed in 1992 as a band and went separate ways in 1995. One of the band members Tom Delonge left the band and reunited after 7 years. Then again took a break in between 2015-2022. Travis Barker, Tom Delonge, and Mark Hoppus are currently the core member.

Blink-182 Tour Begins On March 2023

Tom Delonge has left the band twice before and came back twice, this time was no different though. The Blink-182 is going to release a new song ‘Edging’ on Friday 14th October 2022. And rest of the album will be released in the upcoming months. They shared the news via their social media of reuniting with Tom but will start their tour within March 2023. And the tour will continue until February 2024. This world tour includes the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, including north and south America.

The first shows are going to be held in the UK, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow. The tour tickets portal will open on Monday 17th October and there will be dates posted for the shows to select from.

After the patch-up of the band, this was their first tour and most importantly their first Latin America tour including Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. Blink-182 going on tour after decades. The band has previously won awards like the Kids choice awards for favorite band, and MTV music video awards for best group.

In 2001 their best-selling record and second in line was ‘Take off your pants and jackets ‘, their sense of humor and music videos were so famous every kid loved them and they used to air regularly on MTV.

Travis Barker faced a near-death experience and after that, the band was about to reunite. They did, however, Tom left again and came back. Last year Hoppus was declared cancer free and glad to be going on tour.