The Red Sox Are Just Two Wins Away From The Inevitable World Series

Red Sox
Red Sox

Jose Iglesias hugged everyone close to him as he was completely ecstatic in the Red Sox dugout.

A giant party had broken out at the Fenway Park on Monday and the only people who did not have fun were the Houston Astros.

Eduardo Rodriguez has rediscovered his old winning form of 2019 and has delivered 6 outstanding innings for the Red Sox.

Alex Cora started to empty his bench in the 7th innings and chose to give Kike Hernandez a rest but after he recorded 2 more hits. 

The cheering and dancing could have lasted all night long except that the Red Sox had to dispatch the Astros and start their preparations for visiting Atlanta or LA for the most unexpected World Series appearance in the history of the franchise.

The Red Sox Are Going To The World Series

The way the Red Sox are playing now, they might just win the whole thing even if the Dodgers and Braves combine their rosters.

They obliterated the Astros on Monday after another offensive barrage. It included their third grand slam in 2 games which was a record for a single postseason series. Homers were scored by Christian Arroyo, Rafael Devers, and JD Martinez.

By the end of the 12-3 throttling, the capacity crowd had collectively shared in enough joy to power the Pru for a month.

No one had seen this coming. Alex Cora was caught off guard when he was asked if this team could win the World Series. He admitted that this thought had struck him recently and that they were only 4 games away from the World Series. They just need to win 4 more games and they will be there.

That number is currently down to 2. The Astros have absolutely no pitching. Zack Greinke will be lucky to last an inning in Game 4.

 The Red Sox have already closed out two series at Fenway, and they’ve got their sights set on two more.

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