Lewis Hamilton Makes Damon Hill Unhappy

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has been one of the finest racers in modern times. He is regarded as a modern-day legend in the formula one circuit. Hamilton is of British origin and was born on 7th January 1985. Lewis started his journey as a professional racer under Mc Laren. He continued under their banner for five years.

Hamilton has recently switched his branding. He currently drives for Mercedes. Hamilton has an ornamented career. He has won the championship seven times. This achievement is a world record which he shares with Michael Schumacher. The racer also boasts of hundred wins, most pole positions, and the most number of podium finishes. 

However, his present form does not seem to be justifying his reputation. Hamilton has been quite on and off in recent times. The recently concluded Grand Prix in America. Lewis Hamilton faced significant heat from the likes of Damon Hill. Let us know more about the story below. 

Lewis Hamilton Accused Of Giving Up

The American Grand Prix did not pan out exactly the way Hamilton thought. He put in significant efforts to prepare for the race. Another pole position was very much expected from him. Lewis Hamilton started the race in a very positive manner. He glided through the tracks and took the lead initially. 

This attitude of Lewis Hamilton has angered Damon Hill greatly. He stated that Hamilton should not have sent those messages. The messages were a symbol stating Lewis had given up. The incompetence of Lewis Hamilton led Max Verstappen to step up. He rallied to win the race and secure the top position. 

However, the joy for Hamilton was short-lived. He soon began to find it difficult to keep up with the pace. The racer began to send radio messages to his team. Lewis stated in the message that he is unable to keep going on. The pace is getting harder for him to match.