Evan Rachel Wood’s Tweets About Kobe Bryant Are Tackled By His Wife

evan rachel wood
evan rachel wood

Evan Rachel Wood is under attack following past tweets about Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant was a legend. There is no other opinion that could matter above that. But about over a year after his tragic death in a plane crash, his wife Vanessa Bryant is defending his honor. She is pointing out issues against tweets that were posted right after his and his daughters’ passing. The tweets refer to the accusations of rape on the player in the past. 

But Vanessa is not taking these insults on his honor and recently clapped back at other Hollywood stars for their hateful tweets. Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram, posting on her stories screenshots of those tweets. One of these screenshots was from Evan Rachel Wood, an actress. The other tweet was by an American producer named Abigail Disney. Those tweets gained widespread backlash even on the days they were posted after the crash. They bluntly pointed Kobe as a rapist. 

Vanessa Bryant Evan Rachel Wood’s Tweet

Evan Rachel Wood’s tweets drew Kobe’s wife’s attention just recently. She went on to attack both of these women. And went on to say that they were trying to slander her husband and his reputation. She even spoke about structural racism and how the justice system falls prey to it. She also said that these people did not have any knowledge of the facts related to the case they were referring to. 

In both these images in the story, she wrote that their “false,” “defamatory,” and “insensitive” tweets were very “disturbing” and “vile.” She also went on to mention how such accusations lead to imprisonments of black and innocent men. 

These posts were tweeted the same day the crash happened.