Bond Fire Devastates Southern California With 6,400 Acres Under Fire

Bond Fire
Bond Fire

The crew members of the fire department in the Silverado Canyon region of Southern California have been continuously working and trying to curb the enormous Bond Fire that has started mass destruction and terror.

The firemen have been trying to douse the hot spots as well as create a containment line in order to stop this wildfire which has high possibilities of exploding. However, The Bond Fire did explode on the night of 2nd December, Wednesday.

Effects Of The Bond Fire

This massive wildfire has already burned down 6,400 acres of the landmass. However, it has been contained up to 10% till Friday noon, as reported. According to the reports, numerous houses were destroyed but they failed to provide the accurate number, as of now.

Two of the firemen have been injured in the process of combating the blazing Bond Fire on Thursday. Nonetheless, they incurred minor injuries resulting in a quick discharge from the hospital.

The fire started inside a house on Wednesday night, as reported by the authority of Orange County Fire. This small house fire was aggravated by the violent winds with the force of hurricanes. As a result, it rapidly spread through the entire canyon within a few minutes’ time.

The people in and around the canyon had to abandon everything and escape during the night in order to protect themselves from the deadly wildfire spreading with haste.

Residents recollect their experience of hurriedly evacuating without taking any clothes or essential items.

The residents experience frequent fire incidents in the canyons and the Bond Fire is number six this year.