Andrew Cuomo’s Daughters Are Probably In A Moral Dilemma

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Mariah Kennedy Cuomo, the daughter of the Noe York governor Andrew Cuomo, was spotted with her father this Friday. The two were in the area of the Executive Mansion that is situated in Albany. The Democratic governor was on a phone call while he was holding hands with his daughter.

The big question that remains is with regard to other daughters of Governor Andrew Cuomo. What are their reactions with regard to the accusations of sexual harassment that is currently surrounding their father? The question is specifically targeted at Michaela Cuomo, the 23-year-old daughter of the Democratic governor.

Andrew Cuomo Puts Michaela In An Uncomfortable Situation

The reason for this is because she has been a vocal advocate for the victims of sexual assault. This was back when she was an alumna of Brown University. As no now, no statement has been recorded from any of the daughters of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Michaela Cuomo had given an argument in an essay called the Brown Political Review. This took place in the year 2019. The argument that she placed was with regard to the investigations of sexual assault. She advocated the view that the investigations that are carried out, are not inclined towards revealing the truth. Michaela stated that it was only to provide a defence to the powers. The title of the essay submitted by her was, Institutional Gaslighting.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently caught in a plethora of accusations made against him. The accusations are with regard to sexual harassment and misconduct. The investigations for the case are carried out by Letitia James, the Attorney General of the state. She is also a former political partner of the Democratic governor.

The governor stands to be accused by a total of seven women. Earlier, he gave a statement declining all the accusations but also apologized for his acts that caused the women to feel uncomfortable.

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