Refugee Funding Demanded By The Biden Administration


The administration of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, is looking out for help with regard to the subject of the Afghan refugees. They are seeking refugee funding, the amount of which is slated to be billions of USD. It was stated that it was urgent. It is also asked in order to fund the resettlement of the Afghan refugees after the 30th of September. 

Refugee Funding And Other Appropriations

The need for refugee funding was stated by the administration of the Democratic President of the country on the 7th of September that fell on a Tuesday. It was done through a call with the reporters who were present. Accordingly, a huge amount is being demanded by the White House to the US Congress.

They also asked for separate funds to be demarcated in order to help the government with the day-to-day administration. The things for which the money is asked include Afghan refugee funding, funds for carrying out the coronavirus tests for the migrants entering the country, funds in order to carry out the process of evacuation of the Afghans, and the funds in order to handle disasters. 

The names of the officials who placed their demands to the US Congress were not specified as they wished. However, they did mention the exact amount of funds that were needed in order to tackle certain situations. They include 14 billion USD for natural disasters, this also includes disasters like storms and wildfires, a minimum of 10 billion USD in order to make ends meet following Hurricane Ida, and a total of 6.5 billion USD for the Afghan refugee funding. This demand is placed in the midst of a number of battles that are laid upon the White House for the coming weeks. 

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