Bonnaroo 2021 Will Not Take Place Due To Waterlogging

bonnaroo 2021
bonnaroo 2021

For those who were looking forward to the Bonnaroo 2021 Music Festival, it is time to pack up and head home. The music festival has been canceled and will not take place this weekend.

Bonnaroo 2021 Festival Grounds Have Been Flooded

Bonnaroo 2021 organizers canceled the event that would have lasted for 4 nights because of intense rainfall caused by Ida, the Tropical Depression. Late on Monday, the rain had started falling and had continued through the whole of Tuesday. As a result, tollbooth paths were saturated and campgrounds were flooded. An official Bonnaroo 2021 statement claimed that the flooding was so bad that vehicles could not be driven or parked safely.

Bonnaroo 2021 said on Tuesday on their Twitter account that they were heartbroken with the cancellation announcement. Even though the weather over the weekend is forecast to clear up, Centeroo remained waterlogged in several areas.

The statement further said that the Bonnaroo 2021 organizers have done all that they could to make the show happen. However, nature gave them way too much rain in the previous 24 hours. Consequently, they do not have any more options that could ensure the event takes place safely and meets everyone’s expectations,

Bonnaroo 2021 is held in Tennesee’s Manchester annually, which is to the south of Nashville by approximately 70 miles. The region is forecast to receive somewhere between 3 and 6 inches worth of rainfall as the last traces of Ida pass away.

Sam Herron, Nashville National Weather Service’s meteorologist, said on Tuesday that the area surrounding Manchester had received a bit below 3 inches worth of rainfall. The Bonnaroo music festival has now been canceled for a 2nd consecutive time. In 2020, it was first delayed by 3 months, before being canceled ultimately due to the pandemic.

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