Snake Eyes: Indulge Into Some Details Of The Upcoming Movie

Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes

The first-ever trailer of the movie, Snake Eyes, was released by the production house, Paramount Pictures. The upcoming movie is a spin-off of G.I Joe. It will revolve around the life of Snake Eyes, the title character. It tells the journey of how he ended up being a member of the special military unit of G.I Joe. A new featurette concerning the origin of the film got released which shines a spotlight on the contributions of one of the comic books written by Larry Hama regarding the canon of G.I Joe.

Snake Eyes, The Origin

The upcoming movie will show the story of a character who is widely known in the franchise of G.I Joe as somebody who is a masked lethal fighter. Snake Eyes will tell the story of the origin of this character. There has already been the release of images and posters of the character. The movie is hoped to be an interesting one considering the fact it will show the fans what really led him to be the Snake Eyes with the mask.

The director of the movie is Robert Schwentke. And the writer is Evan Spilotopoulos. The movie stars actor Henry Golding. One of the famous movies starring the actor is the hit rom-com, “Crazy Rich Asians.” He has also starred in the movie, The Simple Favor. Other actors included in Snake Eyes are Andrew Koji from Warrior where he plays the role of Storm Shadow, the role of “The Baroness” is played by Ursula Corbero from Money Heist, Samara Weaving from Ready or Not plays the role of Scarlett, the role of Akiko is played by Haruko Abe, the Hard Master is played by Iko Ukawis and Tahehiro Hira from Ace Attorney plays the role of Kenta.