Mike Richards No More The Producer Of Wheel and Jeopardy!

mike richards
mike richards

Mike Richards is not going to be Jeopardy!’s, executive producer. The exit follows shortly after he quit his new post of being the host of the show. He had exited due to disparaging and misogynistic comments he had made in the past.

Mike Richards Will Not Be Associated With The Show

Sony Picture Television had sent a memo to their staff confirming that Mike Richards will not be Wheel of Fortune’s executive produce either. Sony is the producer of both shows.

Suzanne Prete, one of the executives associated with the shows, wrote in the staff memo that there was hope that with Mike Richards stepping down as host, it would be enough to mitigate the internal difficulties and disruptions. However, unfortunately, the expectation has not been met.

Mike Richards had exited his host position on 20th August. Since then, speculation was rife regarding why Sony studios were even keeping Richards as a part of the shows. Then came the announcement on Tuesday. Fans of Jeopardy! had said that he was unsuitable for a show as venerated as that. Staffers had also reported several cases of dissatisfaction.

Eden Gillott, the crisis expert regarding public relations said that Mike Richards had become damaged goods from the second the scandal came to light. He referred to Richard’s remarks on the podcast. He stated his surprise at Sony keeping Richards in his executive producer role for that long.

In Prete’s memo, she said that she will be working with Michael Davies, the interim replacement for Mike Richards until anything new happens. Davies is the producer of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on ABC.

James Holzhauer, one of the champions of Jeopardy! mocked the fact that Richards had stepped down as host on Tuesday.

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