Boston Celtics Could Be On Their Way To Save Their Season

Boston Celtics

When fans started leaving the TD Garden in the middle of the fourth quarter as the Boston Celtics suffered a humiliating loss to the Philadelphia 76ers last Tuesday, the words that were passed on throughout the aisles and rows were ‘last year’.

The Celtics aren’t a team who have only experienced the highs- in fact, they specialize in staging comebacks and getting themselves back on track. In fact, the 2022 NBA playoffs would be a testament to that- in this same second round, against a strong Milwaukee Bucks team- the team from Boston dropped a very surprising Game 5 in a 2-2 series- and were on their way to face an unavoidable elimination battle in Game 6. 

Boston Celtics Could Stage A Comeback- But Will They?

Boston Celtics, during that battle, had the services of Jayson Tatum, who pulled out one of the best games of his life- where he scored 46 points with unstoppable force in order to take the Celtics above the Bucks that went on to change the entirety of the series. This time around, the 76ers ended Game 5 with a 115-103 victory, and yet the Boston fans aren’t yet hopeless, as their thoughts have started moving towards the defining win in Milwaukee. Jaylen Brown, the guard for the Celtics also reiterated what the fans were thinking about. But- the team doesn’t seem to have the same energy as it did the previous year. 

This series has put it before all just how different the Boston Celtics are this year. While most of the faces are the same, it is not the players that would make the difference- it is the priorities that the management has inculcated in the team.