Brad Stevens Replaces Ainge: The President Of The Boston Celtics Retires

Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens

Danny Ainge has retired as the president of the Boston Celtics and will be replaced by coach Brad Stevens. He had played for the Celtics in the 80s and had been in his present role since 2003. Coach Stevens has been with the Celtics for 8 seasons and was hired in 2013 by Danny Ainge from the college ranks.

It was a surprise move at the top for the Celtics. Brad Stevens has sparse office experience. The move was announced just a day after the Celtics lost to the Brooklyn Nets in Game 5, which effectively eliminated them. It has been a disappointing season throughout for the Boston Celtics and Stevens.

Ainge said that he had been contemplating retiring right after a heart attack back in 2019. He said that he was being led by his instincts and it was in the best interest of the Celtics. The majority owner, Wyc Grousbeck said he respected and supported Ainge’s decision which had never been forced on him and was his personal decision. He mentioned that the last two years had been hard with the pandemic.

Ainge Say He Had Discussed The Issue With Brad Stevens

Ainge and Brad Stevens said that they had discussed the issue casually in the recent past. Grousbeck has said that promoting Stevens to the front was a natural decision.

He said that both had been together for 8 years and had collaborated successfully several times.

Hiring Stevens was one of Ainge’s first decisions along with Stephen Pagliuca and Grousbeck after they took control of the Celtics back in 2003. The Celtics won their first N.B.A final in 2008 defeating the Los Angeles Lakers. It was their first Championship win in 22 years.

He had made some shrewd moves though at times his decisions backfired. But he remains the only person who has won rings as a player and also as an executive. He said his immediate move would be to remain in basketball and assist Stevens. And he said he was hopeful about the future for the Boston Celtics.