Ted Cruz’s Control Over The State’s Affairs

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is indirectly controlling the affairs of the country as of now. There is usually nothing special in any ambassador of the United States of America arriving in Mexico. This is because it is something that takes place on a regular basis.  However, the same cannot be said for the administration of Joe Biden, the President of the country. If the same happens to take place in his administration, it is a huge victory. With the confirmation of the vote of the US Senate that took place on the 11th of August, Ken Salazar, the former senator from the state of Colorado was the first ambassador to President Biden to reach the capital.

Ted Cruz’s Actions

It is to be stated that the former Colorado-based senator was not only the first but also the last, at least until now. There had been a better fight where Ted Cruz, the Texas-based Senator, was involved. The bone of contention was a gas pipeline that belongs to Russia. The officials of President Joe Biden stated that this was actually one of those “personal crises.” And now, following the incident, the senator belonging to the Republican is having a major impact on the affairs of the country. 

The 50-year-old senator Ted Cruz did so by delaying the nominees from the state department. He is doing the same with the would-be ambassadors who are 59 of them. Moreover, senator Ted Cruz has taken the vow of blinking more people. The politicians belonging to the Democratic Party went on claim that this action of the Republican senator was an “abuse” of power. They stated that he was actually abusing the entire process of nomination. They also added that this was the most recent example of the fading political norms of Washington.     

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