‘The Last Of Us’ Casts Bella Ramsey And Pedro Pascal In HBO Series

The Last Of Us
The Last Of Us

Bella Ramsey of ‘Game of Thrones’ fame along with Pedro Pascal of ‘The Mandalorian’ fame has been cast in the HBO series adaptation of ‘The Last Of Us’. Both of the stars will be cast in the roles of Ellie and Joel, respectively.

The Last of Us shows a post-apocalyptic world that results from a pandemic and leads to the creation of the Infected who are actually zombies.

New Star Cast Announced For The Last Of Us

In the series The Last of Us, Joel is a strong survivor in this Infected ruling world with the task of transporting a year-old orphan named Ellie into the US since her blood might be the cure to the pandemic.

This game is based on the relationship between Ellie and Joel and so is the series. Although the fans have been making a lot of conjectures since the recent announcement of the cast, saying that the character of Pascal in The Mandalorian was also a similar one of smuggling an orphan child, The Last of Us is definitely a much darker storyline.

The past II of the game was described as a depressing, gloomy, and morbid video game and the HBO series will be an extension of it.

The Deadline and Hollywood Reporter were the first to report the casting news of Ramsey and Pascal that was confirmed by Naughty Dog who is the developer of the game.

In addition, both the stars have a history with HBO that makes it easier for them to start working in this new series. The game is also considered the best and has already sold more than 20 million copies till 2019 October. Part II sold 4 million copies within the first 3 days.