Boston Celtics Tie Down 7th Seed Through Explosive Jayson Tatum


Bradley Beal knows very well of Jayson Tatum scorching the court since their childhood days in St. Louis. On Tuesday, Tatum netted 50 for the Celtics in their 118-100 win against the Washington Wizards of Beal. The result ensured a seventh place for Boston.

Celtics To Take On Nets Now

On Saturday, the 7th seed will meet the Brooklyn Nets as the starting round of the playoffs of the NBA kicks off. However, for the previous game, Beal admitted that his team threw everything they had at Tatum, to no avail. Beal claimed that Tatum did not care about which player he was facing.

On Thursday, the Washington Wizards will take on the Indiana Pacers in the decider for 8th seed. He continued that he had tried telling Tatum that his height makes it impossible to guard him. Moreover, he has strength and is good at shooting. He continued praising his childhood friend and said that Tatum has to be respected. He is familiar with his moves but he cannot contain him because of the height difference. He said that his friend’s performance was not a surprise.

Tatum put in performance all across the field. This was his third time scoring 50 points in 6 weeks. He also scored 17 points out of the 17 attempts from the line for fouls. He also got 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks, and a steal in forty-one minutes. This also included an explosive third quarter in which he scored 23 points making certain of the Celtics’ win.

In that quarter, Tatum almost single-handedly scored as much as the Wizards, 26-23. The Celtics’ second half had begun on 20-4 and the starting half had ended with a 10-4 blast. This turned the Wizards’ lead of eight points into a cushion of 16 points for the Celtics.