Brandi Carlile Pays Respect To Bonnie Raitt

brandi carlile

Bonnie Raitt is another activist just like Brandi Carlile. And she has so much respect for Bonnie. This international women’s day she praises Bonnie for benign a true leader indeed. And Brandi Carlile is nothing less than anyone, recently she and her wife raised up to $300,000 for the Turkey earthquake. Since the beginning of her career, she is trying to make a change in society. And not only she got support from other people and known faces, but she has been successful in all her target till now.

Brandi Carlile Has Respect For Everyone

Brandi Carlile was little when first listened to Bonnie Raitt’s song. She had no money to go to the concert but instead, she stood outside and listened to because. She couldn’t afford it back then.

But Carlile did attend one of Bonnie Raitt’s shows and when she captured the moment while she was picking her guitar all she said was no nukes on it. Brandi Carlile learned this fact when she was a child that Bonnie Raitt is one of those purveyors of biodiesel buses. And how she is beyond reproach. Soon the greatest artist of all time will be seen together in Brandi Carlile’s mothership weekend festival in Florida.

Currently, there is also a festival going on in  Mexico Girls Just Wanna weekend. They are celebrating matriarchy, and not necessarily centered around women. Brandi Carlile and her wife soon are going to arrange an action village, which would help to communicate with all types of people, irrespective of gender. They are thinking to thank the teachers of Florida, while they are on a gig. Their main priorities will be making themselves at home. And let them savor the moment.