Brett Kavanaugh, The Supreme Court Justice Is Down With Coronavirus

brett kavanaugh
brett kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, is Covid positive. This news was given off by the Supreme Court on the 1st of October that fell on a Friday. It is to be noted that this is the first case where news of a judge belonging to the high courts testing positive has been shared publicly. 

Brett Kavanaugh’s Status

Brett Kavanaugh, the 56-year-old associate justice, went through a routine coronavirus check-up. That took place on the 30th of September that fell on a Thursday. This information was given by the court. Following that, the entire family of the justice went through the test, and fortunately, all of them were tested negative. It is also to be noted that there were no such symptoms that could be seen in Brett Kavanaugh.

The day the check-up took place was held was prior to the day the investiture ceremony of Amy Coney Barrett was to take place. However, he will not be attending it now that he is tested positive. The court confirmed in a statement that he was voluntarily missing it as a precautionary measure. The diagnosis of the Washington DC-based justice indicates that he will no longer be attending the bench that is to be held on the 4th of October that falls on a Monday.

That is the day when a new term is beginning. And it is also a foremost in-person session that will be held between all the nine justices of the country. There was a separate statement made by the court on Friday. It was stated that Brett Kavanaugh will take part in the oral arguments that are to take place in the coming weeks. He will do it from home.