Brian Sicknick, A Young Officer Who Was Murdered Because Of Donald Trump

Brian Sicknick

There are already enough tangling incidents regarding January 6th capitol attack, and Brian Sicknick’s case coming to the surface is just another brick on the wall. He has been murdered because of Trump’s mob attack on the capitol. Many officers lost their lives and many were injured, and Brian Sicknick is among them. And the former president is facing various charges already with this is an added officer’s case. The January 6th committee won’t be leaving a page unturned.

Brian Sicknick’s Estates Filed A Lawsuit Against Trump

On-duty officer, Brian Sicknick was killed after reporting to the capitol on January 6th. They risked their lives to do their job and an immature president who acted like a kid, who is throwing hissy fits cause he didn’t win the election. He has to jeopardize the whole election to continue his presidential ship.

Brian Sicknick’s team wrote in the complaint against Trump, the late officer’s death was tragic and wrongful, and trump needs to take full responsibility for it. It was preplanned and successfully executed, utter negligence and injustice to the workers over there. They were bound to have safety which has been broken by the former president. Brian Sicknick was sprayed on with some kind of chemical by Khater. The very next day due to the riot, he suffered multiple strokes and died of natural causes.

However, Brian Sicknick holds a strong case and the ball is in their court, they have asked the court for $10 million for damage control. The investigation regarding the capitol attack on January 6th is still going on, and the team strongly feels there are billion of witnesses are yet to arrive, and in no Trump would go this time.