Josh Shapiro’s Clever Move In Pennslyvania

Josh Shapiro

The newly elected governor from the democratic party Josh Shapiro. And he has made a bold and clever move to make his grounds concrete. And quite the deserving character he has chosen to make Pennsylvania’s election chief Al Schmidt. He represented the Republican party and stood against Donald Trump and his false voting, he is one of the witnesses against the former president’s misdeed in the 2020 election.

Josh Shapiro Respects Schmidt’s Loyalty

When further asked why Josh Shapiro has chosen someone from the republican party, he answered and showed his respect for why he choose Schmidt among everyone. He believed Schmidt has done more than just be a party member. He protected the united states’ democracy, stood against felonies, and put his family’s lives at risk.

Former president Donald Trump did threaten him openly on Twitter when he opened up about his actions with dead votes. And he commits such crimes in front of the force. And the shameful act of January 6th, killed and traumatized thousands. Many young lost their lives while Donald Trump was calmly witnessing or rather say provoking the mob to vandalize more.

Josh Shapiro is proud of Schmidt and feels he is the perfect member to be the secretary of the Commonwealth. He is capable of handling such responsibilities. As this position is only can be nominated by the governor, there is no election process whatsoever to fill in. And also Schmidt is one of those individuals whom President Joe Biden would honor with a medal, a presidential medal for freedom.

And he is honored and paid respect to Shapiro for choosing him, he would like to work for democracy despite parties, it never mattered to him, all he cared about voicing his opinions for the sake of the country. And Josh Shapiro is proud of his choice and something he will never regret.