Britney Spears Gets A Huge Boost, Can Choose Her Lawyer Says Court

britney spears
britney spears

Britney Spears seemed exceedingly happy after the court gave out its verdict on Wednesday. She emerged victorious when the order was passed. Spears can now choose any lawyer whom she wanted. This is a significant development that was welcomed by loud cheers by fans.

Britney Spears All Set To Put An End To Her Father’s Dominance

Fans cheered the pop star outside the court premises as Spears seemingly got an upper hand. The court ordered that, from now on, Spears had the freedom to choose attorneys according to her liking. This was probably the first step against the dominance of the singer’s father.

Britney expressed her fears about her father in court. She accused her father of abusing her with conservatorship rights. From the time it was implemented, Britney’s father tended to control every action of the superstar. Since 2008, Spears did not have the liberty to even choose her lawyer. 

Spears expressed her desire to run away from the shackles of her dad. She accused her father of ruining her life. She elaborated on all the accounts of her father controlling her life. According to what Britney said, her father even made her diet. He used to make the star work for 70 hours every week. 

The chosen attorney of Britney Spears assured to act promptly on the case. He praised Spears for standing up for herself and fighting for her rights. Following the verdict, Britney Spears celebrated the day by doing acrobatics & horse riding. She also acknowledged her followers for showering her with love and support. 

Presently, Spears’ own lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has asked the singers’ father to step down from his conservatorship rights willingly. The court hearings have been popular enough with major political and entertainment figures showing their support for Spears.