Kawhi Leonard Plagued With Injuries, Concern Over His Contract Intensifies

kawhi leonard
kawhi leonard

Kawhi Leonard joined the LA Clippers with an initial contract of two years. This was an intelligent move for Leonard as it provided much-needed flexibility. However, things can quickly change for the superstar. His recent injury where he tore his Achilles Tendon partially, can keep him out for weeks. The repeated injuries have made fans question his durability going forward in the forthcoming seasons. 

Kawhi Leonard Might Miss Out On Lucrative Signing Next Season

The NBA superstar is still in his prime. He boasts of a short-term, yet lucrative contract with the Clippers. However, following his recent injury, speculations grew like wildfire about his future in basketball. 

Leonard always had a history of injuries. He is said to have played one full season only two times in his career. He played an astonishingly low number of only 9 games in the season 2017-2018. His latest addition to the list was a partly injured Achilles Tendon. Many fans and analysts believe that Kawhi Leonard is losing durability with time. This can lead to a decline in the handsome paychecks that he enjoys now. 

The onus is now on Leonard as he needs to decide about his future. Even after the injuries, teams will still want to cash in for superstars like his stature. If he can persist with his top-level game for one more season, his contracts are expected to soar sky-high. The Clippers will also not be very keen to let him go. 

Kawhi Leonard is still the star and the only hope of the LA-based team to have a grand season. It is now for Leonard to decide. Whether he would continue with his flexible short-term deals or play safe and go long-term will be interesting to watch out for.

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